Zapata Mardini

Software Engineer based in Weehawken, NJ

In the professional world of tomorrow, you have to know two things: You have to know the basics of business, and the basics of coding. Without both, you are taking an enormous risk

Pro-active software engineer, always eager to learn and develop competencies within the software development field.

My previous experience in Colombia and Spain have contributed in shaping further my skills within leadership as well as my cultural sensitivity and empathy abilities. Moreover, I have increased my capacity of quickly adapting to a challenging environment and delivering great outputs. Among my results, I could refer to the payroll system developed for Nominapp, mentoring more than 30 students for Make It Real, and improving the app experience between the drivers and passengers, while increasing the platform’s scalability and performance by migrating software architecture for Cabify.



I believe in using the right tool for the job.

During my career I have been exposed to different tech stacks. In this section I share some of the technologies that I have used on real apps and production environments.

  • Ruby
  • Golang
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby On Rails
  • React.js
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Elixir
  • Java
  • Docker
  • Vue.js
  • MySQL
  • Postgress


One of my core strengths is sizing and understanding the newest trends within the software market. For this reason, I took part of different learning experiences with the purpose of increasing my own skills and mentoring students willing to gain software development knowledge